Behind The Magic Of Sweet Tooth

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Sweet Tooth: Behind The Scenes Secrets. From CGI To Puppetry!

In this video we check out the new netflix series Sweet Tooth, produced by Robert Downey Jr, which takes place in a catastrophe-ridden future that has been devastated by a pandemic. This pandemic has led to the creation of hybrids, which are a cross between human and animal. This fantasy show owes a lot of its value to the amazing amount of effort put into the show’s production which we dive into in depth in this video. We specifically take a behind the scenes look at the Sweet Tooth antlers and ears used on actor Christian Convery who plays Gus and how the show itself largely uses practical effects to achieve its end goals. The use of puppets is a huge aspect of what the show did in terms of practical effects, with many of the hybrids in episode one actually being puppets instead of being created using digital technology or CGI. The use of TV prosthetics also enhanced the show's production value, as many of the hybrids were outfitted with makeup and prosthetics to achieve their animalistic looks. Not only is a huge part of the show's value linked to its use of practical effects, it also took on many other interesting aspects of production in order to come to the final product of the show. Casting was a huge factor that played into Sweet Tooth’s success, as Christian Convery and Nonso Anozie reveal in an interview. Location and treatment of the pandemic also played a huge role in how the show reached success.


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Written by: Natalie Holderbaum
Narrated by: Kydra Ryan
Edited by: Olena L.

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00:33 Sticking to Practical Effects
03:43 Key Production Decisions
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