Crushing things with 150 TON Worm Maker Hydraulic Press Tool | Oddly satisfying!

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Turning play-doh, fruits, candies and other stuff into worms with our new laser cut steel tool!

If you want to suggest a tool design here is the base file that you can modify
The holes/what ever you are cutting out should be located on same end with 4 holes on the model. Also leave at least 30 mm of intact pipe on the end of the pipe since that's going to be inside of the base that holds the pipes. Also for technical reasons don't cut smaller holes than 5mm in diameter since those won't be cut nicely with laser.

So just use any program that you wan to cut some holes to the file according to the instructions and send modified file to us. You can submit your designs with suggestions of material that we should extrude from them to hpcsuomi@

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Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

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