Death Certificate - Binding of Isaac: Repentance Item Guide

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Binding of Isaac: Repentance Item guide
Death Certificate
00:00 Intro
00:04 Unlock
00:05 Where to find + basics
01:24 Revisiting the area
01:59 Area reset
02:30 Curse of the Blind effect
02:41 Interaction with Black Rune/Void/Abyss
03:11 Use of Red Key
03:21 Interaction with Moving Box
03:46 Interaction and bug with Ventricle Razor
04:10 Interaction with Magic Skin
04:31 Interaction with Metronome
04:49 Tainted Cain's crafting area
05:23 Exiting the area
05:32 Bag of Crafting recipes

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Music: Antibirth OST - 07 Forgotten Lullaby

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