Дмитрий Быков, читает свои стихи и не только. Dmitry Bykov in Brooklyn Public Library.

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Записано в Центральной Бруклинской библиотеке, 14го января, 2017 года. На этот раз Дмитрий Быков представляет свою самую новейшую книгу стихов "А если нет". Дмитрий Львович читает стихи и не только.

Dmitri Bykov has spoken at the library on several previous occasions, every time with standing room only. Bykov is a legendary figure in contemporary Russian literary milieu: he is a writer, teacher, journalist, commentator, TV and radio personality, lecturer, literary historian and he is seemingly omnipresent. But he considers himself a poet first and foremost, and this time he will be reading from his latest poetry book "And What If Not".

Recorded live in Brooklyn public library, on January 14th, of 2017, by a1VIDEO®
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