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WE MADE IT TO PART 50!! Wow. I would have never thought when I started this channel one year ago we would ever make it to Part 50. I know a lot of you do not know much about me, but I'm a 20 year old college student-athlete that would love to be a full-time content creator one day. While I love making these compilations, I would love it even more to create content featuring me and my life. I have been streaming on Twitch for the past 6+ months and if you ever want to show your appreciation for me making all these vids, all I ask is you follow/support me on Twitch () and check out my FRF Live channel ()!! Thanks for all the support :)

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Intro Song 1: “Dreamweaver” by Sound Force


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About Front Row Football:
Welcome to the Front Row Football YouTube Channel! I have a passion for creating entertaining sports video content. I will share engaging mixes, compilations, and more on this channel that is suitable for sports fans worldwide. I look forward to creating many more entertaining videos for you guys!

Disclaimer: All NFL Content that I use is owned by the NFL. All College Sports NCAA Content that I use is owned by the NCAA. The same applies to any other content I use that is owned by the MLB, NBA, NHL, and more. I take their clips and make compilations with exciting plays and popular videos. All other videos used belong to the creators, as I am simply compiling the most viral videos. For Tik Tok videos, the users will usually be credited by the Tik Tok branding and username shown on screen for the duration of each clip.

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If you made it this far in the description, you're a real one #FRFam

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