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Sheet folding, Tube bending, Punching, Bars forming with different designs and shapes, Bend and straighten profiles, Reducing tube ends, Cutting metal sheet, Tube notching, Making round ends in flat bars and a lot more operations in this NEW video-tutorial of the Horizontal Press Brake PP200 Nargesa.
We invite you to share the new PP200 Nargesa Horizontal Press Brake tutorial video.
In this audiovisual we have prepared, we’ll show how to fold sheet, bend tube, punch, form bars with different designs and shapes, bend and straighten profiles, reduce ends of tubes, cut metal sheet, notch tube, make round ends in flat bars and a lot more operations.
We explain in detail and with plenty of examples all the accessories that can be adapted to its working bench, the assembly and centering of the dies, how to adjust the stroke of the piston, important aspects for the safety of the operator, main features of the machine and all those tips for getting the best out of it in the production of parts with this 20 Tons Hydraulic Press.
We hope you like this new audiovisual!
The versatility of the best Horizontal Hydraulic Press Machine NARGESA PP200 makes it possible for us to make a great deal of forging parts and all kinds of operations in all kinds of materials: pipe, flat bar, several profiles, Folding operations with wrought iron machines permit to completely bend the parts or pieces unlike conventional flat bar section bending machines. Pipe bending at fixed radius up to 150º could be considered one of the other good features of these presses. Stretching and reducing pipes on the ends in order to make parts that fit or weld later. Cutting, piercing and punching flat bars or metal sheets turn this horizontal bending press into a punching shears machine. Many workshops use these presses to stretch and form different kinds of profiles. It is also a solution to bend different profiles at different radius and keeping the ends straight, like when manufacturing handles and flanges. Pipe notching to assemble to another one at 90º. Cold forge uses horizontal presses to make and form different shapes of Its versatility and its easy handling make this machine a necessary horizontal bending machine for metal working processes.
Horizontal Bending Press Brake PP200 has been manufactured in a 60mm thick welded steel monoblock, stabilized and mechanized. Its robustness, versatility and easy handling are just three of the best features our hydraulic horizontal bending machine has.


Easy handlingt: The machine is sent completely assembled, it is only necessary to connect it to the required power supply and start perfoming.
Versatility: Nargesa PP200 has a catalog with a great deal of optional tooling. (See at the bottom of the page in optional toling and sample video).
Easy fabrication of tooling: The customer himself or any toolmaker can manufacture dies and punches.
Folding operation with no risk of damaging the punches and dies with thick materials unlike conventional press brakes.
Folding flat bars and sheets into completely close shapes. Conception of this horizontal bending press brake allows to make folding operations impossible to be carried out on a conventional press brake.
Fast tool change, punches and dies: This change does not take more than 30 seconds most of the times.
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