How to Box 101 | Complete Boxing Tutorial for Beginners

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A complete how to box / boxing tutorial guide for beginners by Tony Jeffries. In this boxing guide you will learn how to box even you are at home. Learning the boxing basics is very important if you want to this either for fitness or sports such as punching, footwork, movements, stances and many more. This is a long training and you can use the timestamps below to navigate the topic you want to learn.

Videos Mentioned (Free Advance Training):
4 Styles of Boxing Stances and Guards:

How to Throw a Lead Hook | 4 Variations of Lead Hook:

How to Keep Balance in Boxing when Throwing Long Combinations:

How to PUNCH HARD With Maximum Power!!:

How to Pivot in Boxing:

How to Breathe Properly in Boxing and Stay Relaxed:

How to FEINT with Feet in BOXING | 3 Methods:

How to Wrap Your Own Hands for Boxing | The Best Way:

My name is Tony Jeffries, Olympic Bronze medallist now co-owner of Box 'N Burn, 2 boxing fitness gyms in Los Angeles, as well as the Box 'N Burn i a sour education program where we teach trainers how to teach boxers (Link below)

0:00 How to Box
1:39 Stances
5:28 Switching Stances
6:43 Basic Movements in Boxing
9:21 Punches
19:06 Body Punches
26:26 Combination Punches
27:51 Counter Punching
29:26 Punching Harder
30:40 Hand Speed - How to punch faster
32:56 Defenses
40:58 Pivots
44:07 Breathing
46:48 Head movements
48:41 Feinting Punches
51:44 Hand Wrapping

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