Knocking out quick jobs | Transport Fever 2 Japan part 17

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We're into the cleanup phase for this first season of Japan so today I'm taking care of 3 rapid fire jobs in a fairly short amount of time. The next task is a slightly bigger it's Transport Fever 2 Japan.
Behold! While some may describe this section of the video as the link graveyard, I offer you treasures, delights and mischief. This section of the description rarely changes, except when it does (*).

Okay, that's a total lie, it's a link graveyard. It is however delivered with the kind of panache you have come to expect.

Why is any of this interesting? Because I try to make the nonsense that occurs behind each of these links worth your while. You can trust me. No reason is offered why you can trust me, just know that you can.

Let's do the commercial gubbins first. Anything you procure from the below will help out the channel, although I might spend some of the kickbacks I get on "projects". If any of these projects see the light of day, you'll be the first to know.

Would you like a personal video? Maybe you fancy sponsoring the outro, sending a birthday message, life tips or buying a video? Get yourself to the Wisio!

Perchance you would care for some merchandise? Only the very best will do for the Colonel's table!

If you'd like to support the channel and get some rather magical bonus videos, access to the lunacy of the Discord channel and more offers to play games than sticks should be shaken at. More importantly you'll be part of the last emergency service - The Fail Brigade. Zesty! Two ways to get with the program-
Option 1 (several different tiers available): Patreon -
Option 2 (one size-fits all): YouTube -

Last but not least, if you want to know my current "rig" (that's what we young people call it) consists of visit the ole Amazon storefront where I will tempt you with things, all of which I do not regret using my own personal pocket money on:

Let us move on from tales of commerce to things more fun-loving.

Do you want to follow a Twitter account that is actually cheerful? Not in the kind of way that offers life-affirming, inspirational text with a waterfall in the background, but in a jolly, acerbic kind of way? Follow me on Twitter. That's what I do. I almost never shill my latest video entertainment.

Do you want to know what videos are coming up each week? A few people do. I don't always get around to publishing the schedule, but when I do, I do it on Facebook. Not sure why I chose Facebook, but there you are.

Okay, you've made it. You clicked at least two links, now get your reward.

(*) - Today's secret: Slowly but surely the building that I've done over the course of the series is starting to make sense. Plenty of room for improvement, but it's getting there.
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