Kushal aur Jadui Mask ( Part 4 ) | Kushal Paheliyan | Hindi Paheli | Logical Baniya

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Kushal and Jadui Mask is a story of Danav Jalakoti who was a very powerful devil and wanted to capture the world.
He created a mask using which he can control anyone in the world.
But what happened to jalakoti and what happened to his mask.

And why gogo is behind this mask. Will gogo find this mask?
can Kushal stop gogo?

We will get the answers in this series.

Solve interesting riddles, Riddles in hindi, paheliyan along your journey with kushal and gogo.
Some paheli will be easy and some will be tough but you will enjoy this journey with kushal and gogo.

#Kushal #Gogo
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