Nobody Was Expecting This From Tesla Giga Press

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The Tesla Giga Press will help Tesla achieve record electric vehicle output, and is a key innovation in Elon Musk's arsenal for reducing the costs of the Model Y. The Giga Press is a high pressure aluminum die casting machine manufactured by an Italian company called Idra that has already made its way to every one of Tesla’s 4 Gigafactories worldwide. The Model Y casting machine offers 6000 tons of force, and Tesla has reportedly ordered an 8000 ton machine for the Cybertruck. Tesla has invested a lot in its Giga Presses and continues to do so. But do those massive machines give it an edge over the competition, and how much edge? Tesla as company is used to doing big things, which makes it not surprising that Giga Presses would be found in its factories. A Giga Press is a die casting machine, among the most powerful ever built with capacity of 61 kilo newton clamping forces. They weigh more than 400 tonnes and require more than 20 flatbed trucks to transport only one. They measure 20 meters by meters by 6 meters.

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