Part Time Jobs for Students in Nepal

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This video is intended for students in Nepal who are looking for part-time jobs. Many students strive for financial freedom and reduce their dependence on guardians and parents. With this content, students can explore a wide range of part-time opportunities that are available mainly in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other cities.
Can you have part time jobs and still be a student? It is likely that this question came up in many students' minds. When you are taking a professional course, it is better to focus entirely on your college/university education since the course aims to prepare you for a professional career after you finish it. The reverse is also true, academic courses don't guarantee your professional success and you have to hustle from the beginning. While you're in academic courses, it is a good idea to find appropriate part time jobs without affecting your studies. Job experience, competition, and exposure to the real world are completely different from course learning in college. Rather than getting theoretical knowledge from university/college, make sure you also gain valuable experience from part-time work. As part of the learning process, we encourage students to take on those part-time jobs that will benefit them in the long run.
Students are also dealing with severe financial difficulties and are constantly in search of perfect jobs to support themselves while they study. In this video, we discuss the various options you can consider for a part-time job.
The various part time jobs available in Nepal are ride sharing, photography, content writing, video editing, insurance agent, real estate agent, YouTube platform, social media assistant and many more. We have discussed all those popular available part time jobs in Nepal along with their scope and current scenario for students.

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