The $140 System - Deck, Mids Highs, Amps, Subs + Wireless Removable Box that docks! (entire series)

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Jaybird is a good friend. Back in the day he loaned me $140 bucks to buy "Bass Box Pro" so i could elevate my speaker box game. He said "someday, you will hook my system up in return". So here is his $140 install about 20 years later. This is just the beginning! Subscribe to see what other surprises are up my sleeve.

A lot of people watch my build video's and other multi-
video projects but more often than not, they start somewhere
in the middle of the build and don't catch all the other
video's that lead up to where they started watching. This
causes people to ask me questions that were answered or
addressed in those previous videos.

I will be picking my FAVORITE builds of all time and
combining the entire series to make one giant video for
each one. This way you can watch it all or skip through
easily to parts you want to see. To everyone who has
watched all the video series i post, THANK YOU!

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Mids/highs by

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