The Chris Ramsay Playing Card Press

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The Chris Ramsay Playing Card Press, by Clickspring.

Hey Folks, you may be aware that I have been working on some research for the main Antikythera project over the last few months. So far so good on that front, although I may yet have to divert some more time back into it in the future, we'll see how it goes. For now I'm back on the video production, so please enjoy this collab with Chris Ramsay, and be sure to head on over to Chris's channel and say G'day --

Btw, I have a new 2nd channel called "Clickspring Clips" for you to check out too:

The purpose of this 2nd channel is that I figure there are a lot of people on Youtube who don't yet know that they love machining who probably skip right past a 20 minute video. So this new channel is all short clips, to see if I can rope in those potential viewers. Its mostly old content presented in a much shorter format, so if you've been watching for a while you will already have seen most of the material. But if you have the time and interest, head on over and give it a sub and maybe share a few of the clips.


Master Cardist & Magician Chris Ramsay can be found at: &

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The Chris Ramsay Playing Card Press, by Clickspring.
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