What Is Speculative Evolution? | Sci-Fi Worldbuilding Creature Design

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In this video, I discuss Speculative Evolution: the idea of hypothesizing fictional organisms and their origins. I go over the fundamentals of the genre, its origins, and examples in popular culture. In the second half, I discuss how I use speculative evolution to create flora and fauna of Kaimere, the setting of my short stories and upcoming novel.

Tales of Kaimere, an anthology of short stories and novellas, can be ordered to your local bookstore! Just ask them to order ISBN: 9781087927442. It's a great way to support my work, your small/local business, and get a collection of stories to enjoy over the summer!

Tales of Kaimere:


Artwork by Dougal Dixon for the purposes of critique and analysis. All others copyright Keenan Taylor.
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