Wot WTF Moments #17

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World of tanks Funny Moments Compilation #17
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ES_Puppy Tales - Stationary Sign
ES_Back to Happytown - Golden Age Radio
ES_Stonecold - Killrude
ES_The Bid - Donell Mase
ES_Made Me Want You More - The New Fools
ES_Mistaken by Accident - Mac Taboel
ES_Silencer - Typekast
ES_Elysium - Edgar Hopp
ES_Mass Hysteria - STRLGHT
ES_The Hardest Punch - Got Happy
ES_U Gotta Admit - Got Happy
Red Light, Green Light
ES_Tomorrow's Headline - The New Fools
ES_Stonecold - Killrude
ES_Your Gain - Swif7
ES_Top Speed - Nbhd Nick
ES_Heavy Steps - Stationary Sign
ES_I Saw What You Did - Tiki Tiki
ES_Back Down - Donell Mase

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