Zendikar Rising Collector Box Opening #23&24 - More prices. More data. More pulls. More value!

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Thanks for tuning in to another epic Zendikar Rising Collector Box Opening! The 7 Expedition Challenge is where we attempt to open 7 Expeditions from a Collector Box. Keep in mind there should always be two box toppers (non-foil expeditions) so really we're aiming for 5 foil expeditions which should occur around ~ of the time. It's definitely achievable :) check out this video:

%'s of foil expeditions per collector box (12 packs)
Binomial Probability calculated from here:
at least 1 foil expedition:
at least 2 foil expeditions:
at least 3 foil expeditions:
at least 4 foil expeditions:
at least 5 foil expeditions:
at least 6 foil expeditions: .8%
at least 7 foil expeditions: .1%
These of course assume there isn't any "seeding" in collector boxes, and each pack is an individual and independent event!



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Prices are as of September 30, 2020 03:00 AM EST
TCG Player Lowest Listing, NM Only, include shipping unless card is $ or under
0:00-0:33 Intro
0:34-18:00 Pack Openings
18:01-19:53 Outro

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